VPS server: what is VPS and for whom is it indicated?

VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. It means virtual private server. In this kind of hosting, making use of a method recognised as virtualization, a tremendously vigorous physical server is separated, creating numerous virtual servers almost isolated from one to other. While sharing physical capitals, resources for example treating, traffic, disk space and RAM use to be fully enthusiastic to every single virtual server.

In practice, each VPS Server works as if it were a dedicated server, although it has less processing power.

Each account has administrative access (root) and completely independent processes – which guarantees autonomy when configuring the system according to your needs, choosing scripts, processes, software and other customizable configurations.

Who is a VPS Server for?

If you happens to be growing your website or require additional control over your apps, a VPS Server might be a great option.

Typically a VPS Server use to be recommended for sites whose processing resources and memory can be attended by shared plans, but which need other resources accessible only in dedicated strategies, for example:

  • Reasonable to high email sending (precise use);
  • Custom firewall;
  • Global variable PHP modifications;
  • Apache server parameter changes etc.

VPS servers also are perfect for web professionals such as developers searching for hosting for JSP (Java / Tomcat) and PostgreSQL applications, e.g. Not to mention that it is a perfect environment to perform tests, develop new environments, create private servers, install applications and automation, maintain systems and much more.

VPS server: benefits of this kind of hosting

Autonomy and customization capacity: in addition to configuring the server according to your needs, you will have full control over the administrative panel and will, for example, be able to install and run the entire applications you wish, personalize your DNS centred on your domain and accomplish your hosting by the cPanel / WHM control panel.

Dedicated sources: you are having numerous dedicated sources on the machine which use to run the server, for example disk space and memory. Your website data is stored on SSD disks with speeds up to 10x faster than traditional disks, that is, more performance for your website and applications.

Easy expansion: you will be able to upgrade to another style whenever your site use to grow. Since of this characteristics, VPS servers use to be an outstanding choice for sites that start small, but do not want to miss the opportunity to expand quickly.

KVM virtualization technology:  The use of KVM on Cheap Windows VPS servers allows you to optimize resources and ensure virtual environments that are independent of each other, offering high performance for the website.

Security: your site will be hosted in an environment with multiple layers of security with free IPTables Firewall, Centralized DDoS Protection and secure Firewall, in addition to the free SSL Certificate available. As an outcome, safety apprehensions are significantly reduced.

Low cost: although it has many characteristics of a dedicated server, VPS servers have an excellent cost-benefit ratio, with values that vary according to the chosen plan.