The Importance of Business Cards

We have all seen American Psycho, and in case you have not, you should watch it; it is a cult classic after all. There are several different motifs in that movie and one obvious trend was the show of business cards, and saw the protagonist, Patrick Bateman obsesses over business cards and silently compares them to other people.

Business cards are important, and a lot of people have stopped using them since they believe smartphones and social media sites make up for them, but that is not the case. Every business owner regardless of the scale of the business should have business cards ready, and if you are looking to make a really good impression, you can check out the options by Metal Kards and see if they inspire you.

  • Business cards allow you to make contacts as you go. You could be at a party, or just standing in a grocery store and overhear a conversation that might benefit your business. This is where you go introduce yourself and hand your card out.

  • Business cards let people remember you. As business cards have dwindled in numbers, people now remember them more fondly. Plus, a lot of people still like running their business traditionally, and having a business card is necessary there.
  • Yes, your social media, LinkedIn and email might seem more accessible, but a business card is considered to be even better since it contains all of the relevant information which includes your business name, your name, your phone number, and your email, all within the four corners of the business card.
  • If you plan on breaking into the corporate world and want to make a name for yourself, you need a business card because no one is going to bother remembering your email or social media handle at all times.